New Moon Intentions

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

I know this isn't my typical makeup post, but as my brand grows and as this blog grows that may happen from time to time.

So I've tried starting this blog so many times to have something profound or clever or funny to grab your attention, but in all reality its hella late and I just did a Facebook live makeup a big deal about cutting my own hair and having my friends think I was gonna do "the big chop" or something, when in reality I bare cut an inch off and with my long hair you can't even tell. Lol We had fun though.

Anyway, the new moon is coming up tomorrow (April 5th, 2019)-- that's when the earth's shadow is in front of the moon-- and its a good time to reflect on what you're putting out into the universe and set new intentions for the coming month.

Sometimes, if you think about it, it may seem like the moon clings to earth as it orbits the atmosphere. It's almost as if the moon is dependent out our planet to prevent it from flying off into space crashing into other planets and just making a fool of itself.

Yet, in all honesty, it holds so much power over earth. It's what brings high tide and low tide. And in history, menstruation, the honeymoon, even gardening and harvesting were discussed based around the moon phases. Even now many holidays around the world are depicted based on the moon's phase and people still talk about how the crazies come out during the full moon.

Well, why wouldn't the moon affect our bodies- which is made up of almost 70% water- similarly to how it affects the whole planet's oceans!? That's a trick question because it totally would.

Anyway, with that being said, I am fascinated with the moon, especially the full moon and I love a lot of what it stands for in the metaphysical sense. The moon is a feminine energy that represents our emotions and universally representing the rhythm of time as it embodies the cycle.

And with the new moon happening tomorrow, I thought it would be a good idea to discuss some things that you can do to start the new lunar cycle on a good note.

You can google lots of new moon rituals and do something fancy or such but really setting new intentions and putting it out into the universe for the month doesn't have to be some big ordeal.

Some of my favorite new moon rituals are just lighting a candle and some sage or incense and writing my intentions out on a piece of paper. Sometimes I then read them out loud, but not always. Then I find some guided meditation to listen and meditate with (I really like this youtube channel) before thanking God for giving me all the blessings I have and then going to bed.

You could literally do all of that within 20 mins or so before bed and you've already planted the seed for the universe to grow.

Keeping a journal of your new moon intentions and an attitude of gratitude can help you look back and really see how far you've come along

So...what are you going to put out into the universe tomorrow night?

we'll talk soon. xoxo

Ash Mac

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