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Updated: Aug 5, 2019


Welcome to the lovely world of...well, me!

A lot of you have come from knowing me personally or have found and followed me through a friend of a friend on Facebook or some other social network, but that's not always the case. So, whether you've hung out with me in person, been following online for a while, or just so happened to accidentally find me while stumbling around the inter webs at 3 am, I wanted to take a moment and tell you a little more about me.

So here we go...

My name is Ashley McClanahan, but everyone just calls me Ash Mac. No, I didn't choose that name because of MAC makeup. It’s more to separate me from the crowd and it just so happens that I'm a makeup artist too. That nickname actually came about during my senior year in high school, many moons ago, but it never really stuck until a few years later. Now, more people know me by my nick name than my real name. I find it funny, but it's totally OK with me. I mean, how many Ashley’s do you know?  A lot, right! Now, how many Ash Macs do you know? not many, that's for sure.

Born and raised in east Tennessee, mostly Knoxville and the surrounding area, and I'm just your average quirky and cool kinda girl that is as sweet as your grandmama's southern sweet tea, but with a little bit of bite. 

I never imagined being a makeup artist. I mean, not in the sense of it becoming reality and me seeing my name in a magazine or on film. Let alone more than I can remember at the moment.

Makeup artistry kind of fell into my lap and took me out of a darkness I had grown tired of. That was in 2012, and my entire life and career has snowballed around that first opportunity that came my way. Crazy how things work out like that, huh?

Ever since, I've worked so hard to build this passion of mine, and I'm so glad I did. Making people beautiful for their wedding or beastly from my special effects skill all with a few brush strokes, it's their reactions that warm my heart and make me love what I do.

I get to help find resolution for things your local department store hasn't. Like creating the perfect custom lipstick for a special occasion or mixing a custom blended mineral based foundation that will perfectly match your skin type and help to heal your skin as you wear it. I also have so much at my finger tips, such as teaching others how to create a residual income by shopping for things they are are ready buying. The possibilities are endless. Helping others brings so much satisfaction when I see a smile light up their face, whether its red lipstick or fake blood surrounding that smile.

I'm a single mom raising a beautiful boy He's funny, smart, and compassionate and just as sassy as I am. He's basically the mini boy version of me. HA!

I'm kinda a jack of all trades, and I'm actually pretty eclectic in my likes and dislikes.

But mostly, with lots of weird happenings in my history, I love all things related to spirituality, mystics, and the metaphysical/paranormal. I love a good ghost story and am fascinated with the full moon, astrology and crystals, and I'm also pretty accurate with tarot cards too ( and no, its not evil, and no I'm not going to debate that with you).

And by being open about my spirituality and my experiences it has allowed me to connect with amazing individuals to help provide guidance or clarity, or a listening ear, and to also share common interests because it sucks to feel alone in the world.

I love to laugh, and especially love making others laugh. I love to sing in the shower, and to travel, some of my favorite places have Miami and Grand Caymen Island.

Which there's so much more but all of that basically means I’m really just a huge dork loving life and living it one day at a time.

Ya know, life ebbs and flows just like the ocean tide. So, of course, the ups and downs come and go, and I like to keep an attitude of gratitude and lighthearted look on life, and I just really want to live my life in an authentic and uplifting way.

It costs nothing to be kind and you never know what someone else is going through. I'm just so thankful I'm able to take the talent I've been given and share it when I can.

And if you ever see me out, please don’t hesitate to say hi! You'll make my day, and I hope to make yours too.

much love and talk soon, XOXO

Ash Mac

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