How To Get That Goddess Glow

Summer is officially here! Yay!

Now if you're anything like me and my friends you fall in one of the following categories:


A) The Old Schooler - You're already out any chance you get getting your tan on with your baby oil. Which let's be honest, it offers no protection and really is basically just cooking oil and skin cancer when it comes to tanning. The tan looks good, but say hello to early aging and leathery skin.

B) The Cautionary Tale- You want to be outside, preferably by the pool or on a hike, and prefer to get a little color but you're not all about the sun damage and so you slather up in the sunscreen and reapply religiously (way to go!)


C) The Undead- you're actually a vampire that doesn't like being in the sun at all. period. zilch. (Even better. lol)

So even if you are vampire, you've obviously clicked on this post because something about getting a "goddess glow" intrigued you. Which I don't blame you! You're already a goddess!! You're just trying to look the part.

And I'm going to tell you how to get it.

Drink lots of water!

Well first off, keeping your body hydrated, ESPECIALLY in this summer heat, not only keeps you cool and your organs functioning, but it will keep your skin looking great! According to the Minnesota School of Cosmetology, "Dehydration prevents your body from eliminating toxins through your skin, which in turn makes your skin more susceptible to skin problems and disorders" and no one wants to look old at 25. So drink up!

Eat right and take your Vitamins!

More and more research and articles indicate that our internal organs actually controls what shows up through our skin. So making sure to eat healthy and take the right vitamins for not only your gut health but your hair/skin/nails are so important. Balancing your gut health with products such as digestive enzymes and OPC-3 Beauty Blend, can help with such conditions as rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, dark circles, and more.

What I love about my vitamin brand, Isotonix, is that it's an isotonic powder formula that you mix with water which is then absorbed through the body much faster and more accurately than any tablet or capsule. Learn more about Isotonix here.

Bronze, baby, Bronze!

Now after skimming through all of that, you are probably thinking "how do you apply bronzer?"

First, you need to determine the right bronzer for you.

Bronzer, which is typically in a shade of brown, adds dimension and warmth to your face. You typically want to go only one to two shades darker than your natural skin tone.

Motives bronzers in Miami Glow (shimmer) and Hampton Socialite (matte) are my top 2 products in my makeup kit for most of my clients. I also love Motives 3 in 1 contour kit for contouring and bronzing.

Once you've selected your bronzer then take an angled contour brush and apply it in a "3" motion starting at you temple and gliding down along your cheek bone and then your jaw line.

Now top it off with some added glow!

If you're looking for that final touch on your goddess glow adding a little highlight will bring everything together.

A highlighter is a product that provides a high shimmer/shine result when applied. This is usually in a gold or metallic shade, but can really be any color you'd like. I prefer Motives® Shimmer Powder - Goddess for the golden look and Motives® Pressed Blush - Halo (Pearl) for the blinding look.

Once you've completed you're makeup look don't forget to set it with a setting spray!

Now you're ready to slay the day in the summer heat!

Have fun you goddess, you!

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