Color Correcting Made Easy

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

Even though color correction has been around for a long time, it has been gaining popularity in more recent years.

Color correction is a great way to help hide some of the imperfections of our skin. Whether that be redness from acne and rosacea to dark circles under our eyes (just speaking from experience), it can help give your foundation and the rest of your makeup a more even canvas to work with.

By taking the basics of Color Theory (see the color wheel), you are basically taking complementary colors (green to red, purple to yellow, orange to blue, etc) to help neutralize the color that you're trying to hide. For example, you can take a hue of green or even yellow to neutralize the hue of red depending on your skin tone.

But after reading that you may be thinking "How is that making color correcting easy?"

Just a sec, I'm just getting started. Take a look at the color correcting image to the left. This picture gives a decent break down of what colors to look for to help cancel other colors out, but it still may not be that easy. If you're not that familiar with makeup, where do you even put those colors anyway?

Enter one of my fave color correcting products. The Motives Color Correcting Quads! It gives you an all in one product that will help you correct almost any imperfection. It's a nice non-greasy cream formula that is buildable and easy to blend, and a little goes a very long way. Meaning it will last you for a while!

The best part about the quads is that there are a couple of handy guides to really help make the process easy. The first guide will tell you what each color will correct, and the second guide gives a small tutorial so that you may know where to even put the colors in the first place. Check it out and let me know what you think, and remember, I'm here to help too!

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